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Report Router 6 Release Notes

These Release Notes are designed to provide information regarding the changes to the Report Router software since the Report Router v6.0 release in November 2012. Any improvements, enhancements, and revisions that have been made to the software are outlined below.


ReportRouter helps FACS and TEQuote users compete in today's environment.
With ReportRouter, users can do the following...
  • Email reports, documents and attachments in PDF format to any email address or distribution list
  • Fax reports and documents to any fax system
  • Print reports and documents to any Windows printer shared on the network
  • Store reports, documents, and CSV data in an Archive for easy access and recall

New Features

Report Router Service
  • Notifications now have the report title in the subject line to better identify reports at a glance
  • Sender can now be set to not be notified when routing a document
  • Document indexing for search updated for performance
  • Improvements made to enhance routing stability
Report Router Web
  • The ReportRouter website has been updated to a new grid structure for better filtering
  • Views have been restructured to create a more custom look for each user
  • Users can set a "Home view" for the document category they use most
  • New "Binder" feature allows users to have documents grouped by keywords
  • Changes to groups to better manage user permissions
  • Filters on grids enable quick searching for documents

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