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What is the Users Meeting?

Approximately every 18 months, Spokane Computer holds a users meeting. During the three days of the users meeting we will discuss issues relating to our FACS (Financial Accounting and Control System) software as well as our TEQuote quoting software and our other Windows and Web application software packages.

The Users Meeting gives you the chance to meet with members of the Spokane Computer development and support staff as well as other users throughout the United States and Canada.

Why should you attend the SCI Users Meeting?

  • Help determine future software directions
  • Share ideas and common business concerns with other users
  • Learn to use your software better
  • Discuss issues with Spokane Computer's personnel
  • Develop relationships with other users that share your concerns
  • Have fun!

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Let us get to know your business to determine which products will work best for your unique needs.

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